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Who is Aminah Nieves? | Aminah Nieves Wiki

Aminah’s is a stunning American model and actress. She gained notoriety for her 1923 portrayal of Teonna Rainwater. She has also contributed to movies like Blueberry and V/H/S/99. Nieves is a native of New York.

Her father is a crippled former soldier and muralist. ((jiffylubeindiana)) Keisha Nieves, Dionisio Nieves, and Isaac Nieves are her three siblings. After graduating from Morton High School, Nieves enrolled in acting studies at the Hammond Academy for the Performing Arts.

She was born in and grew up in New York. In northern Indiana, her father ISH creates murals and writes graffiti.

So Let’s Start Aminah Nieves wiki, biography, age, net worth, and salary

Full Name : Aminah Nieves
Date of Birth :03 October, 1991
Age:32 as of Oct 2023
Profession:American Model and Actress
Nationality American

Aminah Nieves Wiki | Aminah Nieves Biography

She was born in Brooklyn, New York, on October 3, 1991, and will be 32 in October 2023.

Locally, he is well-known for his work on a mural commissioned for Eskenazi Hospital, the Subsurface Graffiti Show, and Crazy Indiana Style Artists (CISA), the first and longest-running Latino artist collective in Indiana.

For employment purposes, she resides in Hammond, Indiana. In the short film Dogwood, Nieves played Katy. Aminah honed her riding skills for the performance in 1923.

The Aminah Nieves Education

Despite the fact that certain sites assert Nieves has a solid education. She also graduated from Morton High School after finishing his elementary schooling. She then signed up for more acting instruction at Hammond Academy for the Arts.

Aminah Nieves Age

According to her date of birth Aminah Nieves age is 32 as of October 2023.


Nieves has a charming personality and values manual labor. She works extremely hard, which helps her succeed in life. As her fan base grows every day, they are eager to learn more about her romantic life and dating background.

She shares photos on social media frequently with her fan actors because she gets along well with them.

Family of Aminah Nieves

Her family also includes two brothers and just one sister. Ishmael Muhammad Nieves is his father, and Stephanie Lovelace-Nieves is her mother. her father is an artist of Graffiti.

The career of Aminah Nieves

Her acting career began with the movie “Blueberry.” which came out in 2020. After that, she began working on V/H/S/99, which was published in 2022.

In the same year 2022, the well-liked television web series “1923” also makes an appearance for its crucial character. And while they wait for the next episodes, folks are exhausted.

To further his career and his acting career, she made the decision to remain in Hammond, Indiana. Throughout her acting career, she has also appeared in a short film.

who goes by the name Dogwood. Despite all the obstacles, she has managed to establish herself in the current Hollywood sector.

 Aminah Nieves Net Worth

As of 2022, Nieves’ estimated net worth was $200,000. Her acting profession brought her this wealth. She has also already made four TV appearances to her acting resume.

She makes a nice living off of her employment thanks to her acting talent and experience. In addition to this, Nieves also earns money through sponsorships, paid partnerships, and brand endorsements.

Speaking of her career, Nieves has had a love for performing since she was a young girl. She initially started her professional career in 2012 while enrolled in the “Hammond Academy for the Performing Arts.”

Her breakout performance occurred in 2021 when she played the character of Elsa in the TV movie Blueberry.

Dramatic Journey

Aminah started acting while she was a student at the “Hammond Academy for the Performing Arts” in 2012 by performing in theater productions, which helped her hone her skills.

However, to make her big-screen debut, she went through the entertainment agency “Seven Summits Pictures & Management” after that.

Nieves made her debut in the 2021 release short film “Dogwood,” in which she landed as “Katy,” and that same year, her acting career accelerated when Director Stefan

After “Blueberry,” she was given the opportunity to work in the “V/H/S/99” movie the next year. As everyone is aware, Aminah’s fame reached new heights of success with her performance in “1923.”

FACT’s Aminah Nieves

  • Aminah Nieves, an actress of American descent, has received many honours.
  • Her management is supervised by Seven Summits Management.
  • She made her acting debut in the full-length film Dogwood in the year 2021 as Katy. The drama film “Blueberry,” starring Stefanie Sparks, featured her in a cameo.
  • Aminah learned how to ride horses in her spare time and enjoys doing so.
  • She attended the ‘1923’ movie premiere red carpet event.
  • Her articles have been published on a number of reputable websites.
  • Nieves’ verified Instagram account has 2.3k followers as of December 2022.
  • She uploaded her first picture to Instagram on September 6, 2022.
  • Aminah Nieves attended a cowboy camp with her friends.
  • Aminah Nieves was born and raised in New York.
  • Her father, ISH, paints murals and scrawls graffiti in northern Indiana.
  • He is well-known in the area for his work on the Subsurface Graffiti Exhibition, the Crazy Indiana Style Artists (CISA) collective, which was Indiana’s first and longest-running Latino artist collaborative, as well as the mural he created for Eskenazi Hospital.
  • She lives in Hammond, Indiana, where she works.
  • Nieves portrayed Katy in Dogwood, a short film.
  • Aminah began riding for the 1923 production.

A few months before this picture was shot, my family’s medical professionals informed me they expected to see me riding a horse in the future. While ignoring it, I laughed so hard because I knew it would happen. I’m at a cowboy camp right now with my gorgeous Butter.”

FAQ’s Regarding Aminah Nieves Wiki

Who is Aminah Nieves?

Aminah is a stunning American model and actress. She rose to fame in 1923 for her depiction of Teonna Rainwater. She has also provided contributions to the films V/H/S/99 and Blueberry.

Aminah Nieves Age

32 years Old as of October 2023

Aminah Nieves Net Worth?

As of 2022, Aminah Nieves’ estimated net worth was $200,000.

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