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Bazar India, which is also known as Mayasheel Retail India Limited, is a well-known store in the Indian market. The business was started in 2006 and has its main office in Delhi, India.

With a network of stores selling everything from clothes and shoes to home decor and personal care products, Bazar India is in charge of a lot of different kinds of goods. One of the best things about Bazar India is that it always tries to offer high-quality items at reasonable prices.

The business has formed partnerships with major manufacturers and suppliers to give customers access to a wide range of goods that meet their needs and preferences.

The stores at Bazar India are carefully planned to make shopping easy and enjoyable. The staff is friendly and informed, and the stores are warm and inviting.

Bazar India cares a lot about corporate social duty in addition to its business goals. The company actively supports a wide range of social and environmental projects, such as healthcare and education programs and attempts to protect the environment.

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Bazar India Share Price : Market Size

In 2020, the Apparel Retail industry in India achieved a market size of INR 4,89,498 crores. Projections indicate a robust growth trajectory, with the apparel retail market expected to expand at approximately 10 percent, reaching an estimated INR 7,81,735 crores by the fiscal year 2025.

Look at the SWOT:

Good points:

Even though the pandemic has caused problems, the company has done very well financially. From 2019 to 2020, their overall income grew by 20.1%.

It’s amazing how quickly and significantly the company has grown. In just 5 years, it has made a total of Rs. 360 Cr.

Bazar India is an Indian retail company with 60 stores all over the country. This gives them a strong and wide market presence.

Bad points:

A lower current ratio compared to other listed peers shows that the company needs to improve its handling of working capital. This could be a short-term problem for its ability to pay its debts.

Getting chances:

India has a high rate of consumption, which means that the clothing store sector has a lot of room to grow. This means that Bazar India has a lot of chances to expand and get into new markets.

Net Revenue165.04186.65359.74299.67
Total Operating Cost154.73176.62356.75291.55
Operating Profit (EBITDA)10.3110.032.998.12
Other Income9.790.800.790.54
Depreciation and Amortization Expense5.146.8716.2212.32
Profit Before Interest and Taxes14.963.96-12.43-3.66
Finance Costs2.762.693.423.42
Profit Before Tax and Exceptional Items Before Tax12.201.27-15.85-7.08
Profit Before Tax12.201.27-15.85-7.08
Income Tax2.62-0.611.74-1.77
Profit for the Period from Continuing Operations9.581.88-17.59-5.31
Profit for the Period9.581.88-17.59-5.31

Detailed Evaluation and Rating Report of Bazar India Share Price

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Management that you can trust and depend on

The management of the company is known for being honest and dependable, showing a dedication to doing the right thing and making good decisions.

Practices in accounting: Open and Clean
Clean and open accounting practices are used by the company, which gives a clear and accurate picture of its financial situation.

Profitability: Very high
The business is very profitable and has a strong financial success that goes above and beyond what is expected in the industry.

Financial solvency: With the current round of funding, it goes above and beyond expectations.
The company’s financial solvency goes above and beyond what was expected, especially given the recent round of funding. This shows that the company has a strong and stable financial situation.

Growth in business: amazing
The company’s business growth is impressive, which shows that its strategies and development plans are working.

Evaluation: May be too high in price
People may think that the company is worth more than it is now, which means that the market may have priced in too high of hopes.

Position in the market: leader
The market leader is the company, which solidifies its place as a leader with a strong competitive edge.

Overall Score: 5 Stars
As a result of its reliable leadership, honest accounting, high profits, strong finances, impressive growth, and leading place in the market, the overall rating is 5 stars, indicating an excellent performance in many areas.

The advice is to buy
Because the management, finances, and market position are all good, a “Buy” recommendation is appropriate for investors looking for a promising and dependable investment chance.

Mayasheel Retail India Unlisted Share | Bazar India Share Price – Review

Mayasheel Retail India Limited is important because it makes its customers happy. Its customers are mostly lower-middle-class and middle-class people from many Indian towns.

This business has been around since 2014 and sells things to stores, mostly home decor and clothes.

Registration Date2014
Sub-SectorHome Décor and Clothing
Current PriceNA
Total IncomeINR 361 Cr
Market CapitalINR 225 Cr
Profit after TaxINR (17.54) Cr
Total Shares2,50,00,000

Pricing is one of the most important things that affects how happy the company’s customers are. The low prices are liked by customers, but they hurt the company’s ability to make money.

Bazar India Share Price – Evaluation

When looking at income, Mayasheel Retail India Limited has grown a lot even though it has been making less money. Here are some key business metrics:

Intrinsic ValueINR 82.5
Total EquityINR 2 Cr
Total RevenueINR 361 Cr
Return on Equity-161.20%
CMP (Current Market Price)INR 40
Face ValueINR 10
Basic EPSINR -7
Dividend YieldNA
D/E (Debt/Equity Ratio)2.4
Earnings Yield-7.82%
P/E RatioNA
Capital Adequacy RatioNA

Every quarter, the company has added more customers, which has led to the creation of new markets.

Mayasheel Retail India Limited is not only an emerging star but also a strong buy in the world of unlisted shares because of how strong the management is in the face of problems caused by the pandemic.

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