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Blueface Net Worth

Blueface, a musician and rapper from the United States, is worth $5 million. This person has made a name for himself in his own right. He never asked a well-known musician for help.

He worked hard on his own to become a musical sensation. He is a musician who gave out his debut album on social media.

He is a rapper who is American. He writes fantastic songs.

He is a talented composer of music. We’re bringing up Blueface. Did you know that three of Blueface’s singles spent 18 weeks in the Top 100 Billboards?

The youngest star to experience that kind of success is Blueface.

You’ll be shocked to learn that Blueface hasn’t agreed to a record label agreement. With seven different record labels, he has been invited to sign agreements.

Blueface, however, declined. In this paragraph we have discussed about blueface net worth.

Blueface Biography | Blueface Wiki

The 20th of January 1997 saw the birth of Blueface. California’s City of Angels, Los Angeles, is where Blueface was born. His real name is not Blueface.

Jonathan Porter is his true name. If you had asked Blueface’s family and friends what he would be when he grew up, they would have likely told you that he would make a fantastic football player.

Nobody had ever dared to believe that Blueface would become a musical superstar. Blueface was only interested in football when he was growing up.

He was actually his school’s quarterback, and it was thanks to his abilities that his school was able to win the championship. For playing football, he was also given a scholarship to a college.

But Blueface had already changed his mind and was focused on his music at the time.

Blueface Net Worth | What is the Blueface net worth ?

Blueface, an American rapper and songwriter, is worth $4 million. He gained popularity online after he dropped his music video for “Respect My Crypn” in 2018.

His 2019 single “Thotiana” (with Cardu B and YG) is the most successful as of this writing; it peaked at #8 on the Billboard Hot 100.

We already talked about Blueface’s $5 million net worth. Almost all of that money comes from Bluefaces Music. Blueface has earned about $6 million in his brief five-year career.

Blueface has acquired both the property in Miami, Florida, and the land in Los Angeles, California. His property in Los Angeles, California, costs $1 million.

His property in Miami, Florida, cost him $2 million. Time to Time we update our blogs.

Blueface Age

Blueface was born on January 20, 1997, making him 25 years old as of 2022. He was raised in a wealthy, Christian family in Los Angeles, California, in the United States.

Early Life of Blueface

Jonathan Michael Porter, better known as Blueface, arrived on January 20, 1997 in Los Angeles, California. He moved in with his father in Oakland after living with his mother in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Porter attended Arleta High School in the Los Angeles vicinity after relocating there, where he performed in the marching band and served as the team’s leading quarterback in football.

He guided his group to an East Valley League title in 2014. After leaving the university in 2016, Porter continued to play football at Fayetteville State University in North Carolina.

Viral Innovations

He started rapping in January 2017 and went under the handle “Blueface Bleedem” at first. The name made a reference to the street gang known as the School Lawn Crips.

After being asked to bring a phone charger to a friend’s recording session, he allegedly came to light.

The succeeded in song, “Deadlocs,” had been uploaded to SoundCloud and garnered a small following.

Success Story

Under his new, shorter stage name, “Blueface,” he released a full-length album titled “Famous Cryp” in June 2018.”Dead Locs,” the album’s new moniker, contributed to its fame in Southern California. The CD also contained the song “Thotiana” in its original form.


When Jonathan Porter initially entered the rap world in 2017, he first shared his songs on Instagram and SoundCloud.

He soon chose the performing name “Blueface Bleedem” and released his debut song, “Deadlocs.”

Blueface’s debut EP, “Famous Crypn,” which included the songs “Fucced Em” and “Freak B tch,” was released in 2018.

Millions of people played the EP online, and it earned favorable reviews.

Blueface gained more notoriety after he uploaded a music video on WorldstarHipHop’s YouTube channel for the song “Respect My Crypn”.

Later, the video was shared on Twitter, where it quickly went viral.

He inked a contract with Cash Money West in November 2018. After releasing a sneak peek of his new song “Bleed It” in the next months, he once more struck a viral smash.

The song’s music video was soon posted on the Lyrical Lemonade YouTube account and within 24 hours had received over 2 million views.
Blueface net worth was $4 million as of May 2023.

Blueface | Relationships and Personal Life

The rapper is dating Jaidyn Alexis, who he has previously posted photos of alongside Jiggy, another of his girlfriends, on his Instagram.

But he does have a 2017-born son by the name of Javaughn. Along with his father, Javaughn usually takes part in radio interviews.

Additionally, Blueface once said in an interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood that his son has been living with him almost constantly because his mother works.

3 Things to Learn from Blueface

Let’s look at some of the beauty lessons Blueface may teach us now that you are fully aware of her net worth and the path to success:

1. The ability to lose. Always only lend what you can afford to lose.

2. Take a Break: Stop, sit down, and take a break when life seems to be getting too much. Do nothing, take a walk, or nap. Your capacity to “just be” will lead to your best work.

3.There is only this instant. The past and future do not exist. That is true. Don’t let your past define who you are today, and don’t let your expectations for the future determine how things turn out.

The aforementioned content about Blueface net worth is enough for your knowledge.

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