Fineotex Chemical Share Price Target 2025

Before we get into this, let’s look at Fineotex Chemical Share Price Target 2025. This piece will talk about possible price targets for the company’s stock in the future. We will try to guess what the stock of the company will be worth in the future based on this evaluation.

Overview of Fineotex

The price of stock 533333 is $359.650 as of November 25, 2023, Saturday. From what we can tell, the asset’s price has been going up for the past year or since it was first created.

Name of CompanyFineotex Chemical Ltd
FounderSurendra Tibrewala
Headquarters42, 43 Manorama Chambers, S. V. Road, Bandra (West), Mumbai – 400050, India
Official Website

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Fineotex Chemical Share Price has been going up steadily over the past few months, which shows that the company has been very popular in linked markets.

We use a special Deep Learning-based algorithm on our website to help people figure out if adding stock 533333 to their account is a good idea. This program looks at many things, such as changes in volume, price, market cycles, and comparisons with stocks that are similar.

Based on our method for making predictions, the stock will likely be worth $537.09669158443 after one year, which is a 49.339% rise.

This means that an investment of $100 today might be worth $149.339 on Monday, November 25, 2024.

Based on these predictions, this stock seems like a good addition to your portfolio, especially since it’s easy to trade when markets are rising.

Specialty Chemicals are what Fineotex Chemicals Ltd. does for a living in the chemical industry. A wide range of the company’s products are used in many fields, including construction, leather, paint, textiles, and water treatment.

There has been a noticeable rise in the company’s income, which has grown by an impressive 27% in the last three years. This growth is due to more people wanting to buy the company’s goods in these different areas.

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Surendra Tibrewala created Fineotex Chemical Ltd. in 1979, and since then, the company has expanded to become a well-known and respected enterprise within the chemical industry.

In India, the company has established its presence by establishing its headquarters at 42, 43 Manorama Chambers, S. V. Road, Bandra (West), Mumbai – 400050. This location is in the city of Mumbai.


The visionary behind Fineotex Chemical Ltd., Surendra Tibrewala, was essential in the foundation of the company as well as its future expansion.

As a result of his leadership, he has made a substantial contribution to the status of the company in the chemical sector.


Fineotex Chemical Ltd. has a long and storied history, with its beginnings dating back to the year 1979. The company was established in 1979.

Company has grown during the course of its existence, reacting to the numerous transitions that have taken place in the sector, and has succeeded in establishing itself as a prominent participant in the market.


This is the site of the company’s headquarters, which can be found at 42, 43 Manorama Chambers, S. V. Road, Bandra (West), Mumbai – 400050, India. The address is in India.

A strategic placement of the company reflects the company’s dedication to being a part of the dynamic business scene in Mumbai. This commitment is represented in the company’s strategic location.


Visit the official website of Fineotex Chemical Ltd. at to gain additional information about the firm, its products, and the contributions it has made to the industry.

You can also find this information on the company’s YouTube channel. The website contains further information that can be obtained there.

Not only does the website serve as a beneficial resource for stakeholders, but it also serves the purpose of presenting them with crucial information regarding the activities, values, and future goals of the company.

Fineotex Chemical Share Price Target 2025 to 2030

YearShare Price Target (Rs)Key Points of Fineotex Chemical Share Price
2023410 – 440Fineotex Chemicals operates in the specialty chemicals sector, benefiting from the Make in India program. The government actively supports companies in this domain. The current stock price is below its peak of 440, and a substantial rally is anticipated if it surpasses this level.
2025625 – 680The company has experienced a 27% CAGR growth in the last three years. Future focus on enhancing product quality and manufacturing capacity is expected to drive sales growth. Successful efforts to increase production capacity could lead to a share price target ranging between Rs 625 and Rs 680 in 2025.
2030Multibagger potentialDespite being a small-cap company, Fineotex Chemicals is fundamentally strong with robust business growth. Such reputable companies often prove to be multibaggers for investors in the long term. Stocks in this category are perceived to have a slightly higher potential for returns compared to blue-chip stocks. Experts suggest a potential transition from a small-cap to a mid-cap status. However, strong competition is anticipated from major players such as Pidilite Industries, SRF, Linde India, Aarti Industries, and Deepak Nitrite.

Fineotex Chemical Share Price Target in 2023

Fineotex Chemicals works with specialty chemicals and is currently taking advantage of the Make in India program run by the Indian government.

There is active backing from the government for companies that make specialty chemicals. The stock of the company is trading much lower than its all-time high of 440 right now.

If the stock goes above this level, it’s likely to go up a lot. The share price goal for Fineotex Chemicals in 2023 is thought to be between Rs 410 and Rs 440.

Fineotex Chemical Share Price Target in 2025

In the last three years, the company’s business has grown at a rate of 27% CAGR. To boost sales in the future, the company’s leaders will likely work on improving the quality and production ability of its goods.

Fineotex Chemical share price goal for 2025 is thought to be between Rs 625 and Rs 680, assuming that efforts to boost production go well.

Fineotex Chemical Share Price Target in 2030

Fineotex Chemicals is fundamentally sound and has strong business growth, as shown by the long-term price goal. Even though it’s a small-cap company right now, stocks of well-known companies often turn out to be multibaggers in the future.

People think that these stocks have a slightly better chance of making money than blue-chip stocks. Most stock market experts agree that Fineotex Chemicals could go from being a small-cap company to a mid-cap company in the future, based on the company’s business growth and assets.

But in the next few years, big companies like Pidilite Industries, SRF, Linde India, Aarti Industries, and Deepak Nitrite are likely to give the company a lot of trouble.

Would now be a good time to buy stock in the company?

The stock’s price is close to its all-time high right now. If the stock goes above this high point, there could be a recovery. One interesting fact is that the stock price of the company is 14 times its book value, which is Rs 25.

Even though it’s expensive right now, this stock is still a good option, especially when the market is down. It is thought to be smart to buy the stock when it is going down and hold on to it for a long time.

Fineotex Chemical Share Price Target 2025.

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