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Bitcoin Frogs, a collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) featuring frog-related themes, has been the most traded NFT in the past twenty-four hours, which is a peculiar turn of events.

Due to the frenzy of transactions that have been created by this new collection, it has surpassed popular competitors such as Bored Apes and has resulted in an astounding total exchange value of more than two million dollars!

Our endeavor, which we have dubbed “The Pond,” revolves around Froggy, who is the driving force behind our attempts to promote change within the cryptocurrency ecosystem and bring about significant improvements within the NFT sector.

The “dank memes and amphibian themes” that are prevalent in the cryptocurrency community are something that our crew, which has been comprised of crypto enthusiasts since 2017, is completely in agreement with.

Providing members of our community with an experience that is both one-of-a-kind and entertaining is the primary objective of our company.

Bitcoin Frogs: Hopping to the Top of the Blockchain Scene

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The Bitcoin Frogs NFT collection, which came out on Bitcoin Ordinals at the end of February and includes a wide range of beautiful works of art inspired by frogs, shot to the top of the trading rankings right away.

Information from CryptoSlam says that the trade volume hit an amazing $2.2 million in just one day. There’s no question that these 10,000 unique frog collectibles, which were all created on the Bitcoin Blockchain, are making waves in the huge cryptocurrency market.

The price of one Froggy NFT right now is 0.12 Bitcoin, which is more than $3,200, according to the most recent source. But it’s important to remember that there’s more to think about than just the price of the NFT ticket.

Trading can cost anywhere from fifty dollars to over one thousand two hundred dollars. This shows that there is no such thing as a free lunch, even when it comes to digital goods.

Bitcoin NFTs: Surging in Popularity

The number of people who know about NFTs that are directly linked to Bitcoin has grown a lot since the Ordinals Protocol came out earlier this year.

By adding references to digital art to smaller Bitcoin transactions, this new method lets users embed data into the Bitcoin blockchain. These are called Ordinals “inscriptions.” This smart feature recently passed the 3 million mark, which is worth mentioning.

Bitcoin fees have gone up a lot because of the high demand. They are now at levels not seen in two years. The Bitcoin community is not only talking about this new development, but it has also gotten a lot of attention. It looks like the community isn’t going to stop talking about Bitcoin Frogs as they continue to jump.

Another Frog Making a Splash: The Pepe Token

The crypto scene is always changing, and our Bitcoin Frogs aren’t the only animals making waves. In the past few weeks, a new frog has jumped into the spotlight: the Pepe (PEPE) token, a meme coin that has crypto enthusiasts’ interest.

With its unique charm, this coin has already earned an amazing 5,300 ETH (about $10 million) in gas fees in just three weeks. People are surprised by how much gas a joke coin uses, which has led to questions about how it affects the Ethereum network and the crypto market as a whole.

Pepe is appealing in more ways than just being a popular joke coin. DuneAnalytics data shows that there were an amazing 413,283 PEPE Uniswap deals, and each one used a lot of gas.

The main reason for this trend is that more people are using the Ethereum network and transaction fees keep going up. Even though Ethereum’s fee structure has been changed recently, the network is still having trouble growing up properly.

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Simplified Roadmap of FROGGY NFT:

The first step is to launch Froggy, which costs $FROG.

• Create the Froggy token ($FROG), which has a limit of 10 billion tokens.

• Give the original team and the project’s treasury 1 billion tokens.

• Let $FROG exchanges happen without paying taxes to make sure swaps go smoothly and are easy for users.

Second Phase: Release the Froggy Profile Picture (PFP) NFT line. Show off the Froggy Profile Picture (PFP) NFT line.

Launching the first NFT series will set the stage for the next steps.

Phase 3: Give Froggy PFP holders the backup token

• Give people who own Froggy PFP NFTs a second token.

• Give PFP holders extra prizes to encourage them to take part in the ecosystem.

Phase Four: Launch the Virtual Pond Staking Platform. Users will be able to stake $FROG, $PEPE, Froggy NFTs, and other assets on the Virtual Pond Staking Platform.

• Use the secondary token to add an upgrade system for pond features that raise their rarity and returns.

Phase Five: Grow the Froggy Ecosystem • Look into ways to grow the Froggy ecosystem and put them into action.

• Think about adding new features, relationships, or tokens to the project to get more people involved and help it grow.

Tokenomics: FROGGY NFT

  • There are 10 billion $FROG tokens in circulation, with 1 billion set aside for the project’s founders and treasury.
  • All $FROG trades are tax-free, making swaps easy.


  • Profile Picture (PFP) NFTs and virtual lands for staking are two of the core NFT lines.
  • People who own Froggy tokens can stake them in virtual ponds to get prizes in the form of a second token.
  • Using the ERC712Envious standard to give NFTs value on their own.PFP NFT:
  • When the second token goes live, Frog PFPs will be the first NFTs to be released.
  • This means that Frog PFP users who stake their NFTs in the ponds will get extra rewards.

Secondary Token-FROGGY NFT:

• It has two very important functions: it stakes rewards for Froggy holders and it helps $FROG’s deflationary process work.

• Whether the secondary token burns itself and $FROG or reflects $FROG to its associated NFT line depends on how the market acts (buy/sell).

• Encourages keeping for a long time and gradually makes $FROG scarce.

Virtual Ponds- FROGGY NFT:

• An important part of the Froggy ecosystem that lets users stake different assets and farm benefits.

• The ROI goes up as the rarity of the pond goes up, and traits can be improved by burning the secondary token.


• Committed to giving the Froggy community real results and value.

 • Includes the release of $FROG, the use of NFT lines, the distribution of the secondary token, the reveal of the staking platform, and future growth.

• Able to adapt to possible changes based on how well the project goes and what people in the community say.

Navigating PEPE’s Impact on the Ethereum Network: A Dual Perspective

At first glance, PEPE’s huge need for Ethereum network resources might look like a problem. One could say that these tools would be more useful in other places.

The large amount of gas used could put a strain on the network, which could cause transactions to take longer and fees to go up for everyone. In addition, the appearance of a coin as risky and unpredictable as PEPE could make people worry about how mature and stable the market is.

But things aren’t all bad. One good thing about PEPE’s huge rise in fame is that transaction fees are going through the roof. This rise means that validators will make more money.

If there is a lot of extra cash, it might encourage more validators to join the network. By doing this, the general safety and stability of the Ethereum network might get better.

It’s clear that PEPE’s huge gas use has a big effect on the Ethereum network, but it’s important to look at both sides of the story. Some problems might arise, like stress and not knowing what will happen next.

These should be weighed against the benefits, like more money for validators and maybe even better network security.

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