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Hot chilli food and travel blog is as follows:

If you enjoy spicy cuisine, these 07 food bloggers will keep you informed on the greatest hot chili recipes and the top restaurants.

Without trying different cuisines, especially those with fiery chili, a traveler’s experience would fall short.

Food and travel are complementary activities. Traveling is fun when you get to try new hot and spicy foods.

The hot chili food and travel blog documents travelers’ culinary adventures and keeps you informed about fresh hot chili recipes from across the globe.

If you enjoy traveling, there’s a high chance you’ve dined at some of the best eateries in the world and savored fantastic culinary treats in top-notch eateries in exotic locales all over the globe.

Despite not being overly hot, these treats are undoubtedly spicy enough to leave a lasting impression on your palate and make you wonder just how hot the chili cuisine was.

What Are The Hot Chilli Food And Travel Blog That Have Won Awards?

Do you like spicy peppers? Do you enjoy traveling? You will like spicy cuisine and travel blogs if you said yes to both of these questions.

There is no better blog on spicy chili food and travel than this one.

A site about hot chili food and travel that documents travelers’ culinary adventures and keeps you up to date on new hot chili food recipes from across the globe.

Here are some content of hot chilli food and travel blog about spicy food to check out:

So Let’s Start with Hot Chilli Food And Travel Blog :

01.The Curry Guy

For anyone interested in learning more about the flavors of Indian food, The Curry Guy is a terrific resource.

The Curry Guy’s staple dish, Chicken Tikka Masala, is largely responsible for its fame.

The website provides a wide range of recipes, from traditional North Indian fare to more unusual meals like spicily stir-fried rice cakes.

It also offers recommendations on which spices pair best with certain foods as well as useful hints on how to alter spice amounts in accordance with personal tolerance.

02.Bapsang From Korea

Popular travel blog Korean Bapsang provides readers with delectable recipes and advice on how to add regional flavors to regular meals.

Korean Bapsang offers a variety of cuisines for any palate, including traditional American fare and meat-based fare.

Japchae (Korean Stir-Fried Noodles) is the site’s most popular recipe or piece of content. In this recipe, sweet potato noodles are combined with beef, veggies, and savory sauce.

Depending on your preferences, you can eat this dish as a main or a side.

Finding the ideal ratio of spices and sauces is essential for creating a great dish, and Korean Bapsang excels at this.

03.Devilishly Hot

If you like your food spicy, Sinfully Spicy is the ideal hot chilli food and travel blog website for you.

Sinfully Spicy offers something for everyone, from traditional American cuisine like buffalo wings to exotic spices from around the world.

Sinfully Spicy provides a wide range of recipes and tips for more seasoned cooks to help them create tasty dishes with the ideal amount of spice.
To start, Sinfully Spicy provides a number of spicy cuisine dishes that are sure to tempt your palate.

Try their famous Butter Chicken dish; it will be well-received at any dinner gathering.

Try one of their meat-based dishes, such as Tanvi’s North Indian Curry House Recipes or Dan’s Classic American Dishes with a spicy twist, if you’re feeling daring.

With dishes like Hoppers from Lankan Spice Trail or papaya salad from Thai Food, you may also experiment with different flavors.

04.Wing Doozy

Two of the most well-liked hot chilli food establishments worldwide are Wing Factory and Wing Doozy.

Any fan of spicy food must try their signature Mango Habanero Sauce, which has a seductive balance of sweetness and heat.

The delicious sweetness of mangoes and the sweltering kick of habaneros combine in this tangy sauce to create a flavorful combination that will make your mouth quiver with ecstasy.

For those who crave the zestiness, this is a must-have due to the ideal blending of sweet and spiciness.

05.The Wing Bar Rouge’s Pluckers

If you’re searching for some fantastic, spicily prepared food, Rouge’s Pluckers wing bar is a great option.

The Lemon Pepper Wings, which are their signature dish, are a mouthwatering blend of tastes that will excite your taste senses.

Before being grilled to perfection, the wings are coated in lemon juice and pepper, creating an enticing flavor that is delicately sweet yet has just enough spiciness for additional zest.

The end result has a flavor that is salty, slightly sweet, and mildly spicy. They also offer options like Mango Habanero Sauce or Hot Chilli Food if you’re seeking for something even spicy.

06.Lankan Spice Trail

A travel blog called Lankan Spice Trail offers spicy dishes from all over the world.

It’s a great tool for anyone who enjoy experimenting with new flavors and spices as well as classic dishes with a spicy touch.

The site features some of the world’s spiciest meat-based dishes, sauces, and chilli peppers.

Hoppers, a Sri Lankan dish of stir-fried rice cakes prepared with coconut milk and served with sambal or chutney for added heat, is the most popular recipe on Lankan Spice Trail.

For those who enjoy their food with a spicy and savory edge, this recipe is perfect.

Dan’s Recipes offers everything from tortas ahogadas (Mexican sandwiches) to lemon pepper wings that will tempt your taste buds if you’re looking for traditional American foods with a fiery edge.


Thailand is a nation renowned for its diverse food and rich culture. Thailand provides something for everyone’s taste buds, from the renowned street food to traditional American dishes with a spicy touch.

In Thai cooking, chili peppers are a common ingredient that adds flavor to a variety of foods.

There are a ton of hot sauce recipes online that can satisfy even the most adventurous eaters if you’re searching for some genuine heat.

Shredded green papaya, tomatoes, fish sauce, lime juice, and garlic are all combined in a spicy dressing to make the well-known meal Papaya Salad (Som Tam).

Pad Kra Pao Gai, also a traditional meat-based meal, is stir-fried chicken with basil.

It includes minced chicken that is crisped and flavorfully stir-fried in soybean oil with fresh basil leaves and red chilies.

Hope above said content hot chilli food and travel blog is enough for your basic information.

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