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Who is Randy Gonzalez ? Randy Gonzalez Wiki

As per Randy Gonzalez wiki , he was a well-known YouTuber, model, performer, and influencer on social media.  Randy gained notoriety for the videos he produced with his son, Brice Gonzalez.

Enkyboys is another name for Randy and his son. Randy had a colon cancer diagnosis in November 2021.

Since then, the 35-year-old TikToker has been receiving treatment. In his hometown, he attended a neighborhood high school.

The University of California awarded him a graduate degree after that. He worked for a corporation once his studies were complete.

He then started using social media and developed a profession there.

Randy Gonzalez Age

On September 13, 1987, Randy Gonzalez was born.

Randy Gonzalez’s Net Worth

How much money is Randy Gonzalez worth? Randy’s net worth is thought to be between $1 and $2 million. The celebrity has a huge assortment of devices. Furthermore, TikTok and other online revenues are his primary sources of income.

Randy Gonzalez’s Life and Education

Brazil is where Randy was born. Additionally, Randy is an American citizen. As of January 2023, prominent TikTok personality Randy will be 35 years old.  His zodiac sign, determined by the date of his birth, is Virgo.

Randy, a well-known TikTok personality, celebrates his birthday on September 13 every year with his family. At the time of his passing, he was living with his family in Pearland, Texas, in the USA.

When it comes to schooling, Randy is well-educated. The accounts state that Randy’s parents enrolled him in a respectable private school for his foundational studies.

In addition, Randy completed his high school education in Texas.

Randy not only did this, but he also pursued higher education at US State University. When Randy was in high school and college, he was a bright student.

Randy Gonzalez Family (Parents, Siblings & Ethnicity)

Randy’s parents are incredibly devoted and helpful. Despite being close to both of them, he has never shared many details about his parents.

According to the best guess, his mom looks after the family’s meals and his dad runs a modest business.

He also has American citizenship and is Hispanic in ethnicity. He may have siblings, but he has never mentioned them.

Additionally, every member of his family practices Christianity.

Randy Gonzalez’s Wife, Children & Relationships

Randy and Kimberly Gonzalez have a happy marriage. Although there are no specifics on the couple’s initial meeting or where they fell in love, they look great together.

They have a wonderful relationship and have complete faith in one another.

Brice, Lauran, and Aubree Gonzalez, as well as Randy Gonzalez’s wife Kimberly Gonzalez,

Despite how depressing the cancer news made them feel. While both are concerned for one another, Kimberly is acting too bravely by supporting her spouse.

The entire family currently resides in the United States. Three children are said to be Randy and Kimberly’s jointly. They have three children: Brice Gonzalez, two daughters, and a son.

Randy Gonzalez Death

He passed away on January 25, 2023, a Wednesday. As soon as word of his passing spread, his supporters immediately began posting condolences online

Gonzalez, Randy TikTok

On the music-streaming app TikTok, Randy became well-known. Before deciding to start producing content for it, he first used TikTok.

With his little son Brice, he first started producing lip-synching, dancing, and funny footage on TikTok. Their TikTok videos immediately became well-known and went viral, gaining popularity.

Gonzalez, Randy Youtube

The duo (Randy and Brice) joined Youtube by starting a Youtube channel on October 1, 2020, after becoming well-known on TikTok and Instagram.

After a short while, they posted their first YouTube video, “Enky Boys Hot Chip Challenge (Gone Spicy)”.

Since then, the duo hasn’t looked back and has uploaded a ton of challenges, comedy videos, family vlogs, and practical jokes to their channel.

Gonzalez, Randy Instagram

Randy has amassed an enormous following on Instagram in addition to TikTok. On Instagram, he has amassed millions of followers under the name Enkyboy.

He primarily posts a variety of videos on Instagram, including prank, dance, lip-sync, and comedy videos. In addition, he posts pictures of his family and advertises his TikTok and Youtube videos on his Instagram account.

Gonzalez admitted a year ago that his treatment was having no effect.

He disclosed that the therapies were progressing well in his second-to-last video in December. His chemotherapy, though, was “not working.”

He continued by saying that he was still in a good mood because he had visited his family in Texas.

Additionally, he previously said that he was not filming as frequently as he would have liked to since he was constantly feeling “sick.”

In previous videos, he expressed his desire to “Stay Strong for his Family” and his intention to use his social media platform to spread colon cancer awareness.


Randy is a native of Texas in the United States.

o He has stage 4 colon cancer, and the doctors have estimated that chemotherapy will only extend his life by 5 years.

Randy is a well-known content creator, Instagram celebrity, Youtuber, and social media influencer. He has amassed millions of TikTok and Instagram followers.

o He and his son Brice are together known as the Enkyboys.

o On August 27, 2017, Randy Gonzalez signed up for YouTube.

o He has a dynamic personality and a dashing, beautiful appearance.

o He enjoys traveling and has visited several exotic locations, including Paris and London.

Randy Gonzalez FAQ’s

Who is Randy Gonzalez?

Randy Gonzalez was a well-known YouTuber, model, performer, and influencer on social media.

Age of Randy Gonzalez

He was born on September 13, 1987 and he will turn into 36 on September 2023.

Randy Gonzalez Net Worth

Randy’s net worth is thought to be between $1 and $2 million.

All in all that is Randy Gonzalez wiki, age and net worth and hope you like this blog post.

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