Tilak Ventures Share Price Target 2025

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A Quick Look at Tilak Ventures

Tilak Ventures is an active company in the business world, showing that it is dedicated to growth and new ideas. The company is set up in a way that makes it likely to become a game-changer in its field.

Tilak Ventures has built a strong base for long-term growth with its cutting-edge goods, strong business strategies, and tough management team.

The company was founded on August 18, 1980, as “Tilak Finance Limited” with the goal of doing business in finance and investments. The company’s name changed from “Tilak Finance Limited” to “Out Of City Travel Solutions Limited” on December 28, 2011.

Their goal is to be travel agents and tour operators for trips in India and other places, and they offer all kinds of services linked to tours and travels.

Its goal is to give loans and advances to any person, firm, or body corporate, as well as to accept money on deposit or loan in order to run its business as a financier and to do all kinds of financial tasks.

Official Website : https://tilakfinance.wordpress.com/

Important Points:

Prominent Market Presence: Tilak Ventures has a strong stock base, with its founders owning a significant 62.07% of the company. Even though there are some good signs, the company’s sales have been going down steadily.

This has made its financial measures, like Return on Equity (ROE) and Return on Capital Employed (ROCE), more difficult to understand. In order to broaden its horizons, Tilak Ventures has entered the Power Project Business.

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Share Price Goals:

  • 2023: The company wants the share price to reach ₹5 as Target 1 and ₹7 as Target 2. This means that buyers may be able to make money.
  • 2024: Tilak Ventures sets a profit goal of ₹8 for Target 1 and ₹10.50 for Target 2.
  • 2025: The company has set high goals of ₹13 (Target 1) and ₹15 (Target 2) because it thinks it can make a lot of money.
  • 2030: Tilak Ventures expects a big jump, with goals of ₹30 (Target 1) and ₹35 (Target 2), which means they expect to make a lot of money in the long run.

Investment Things to Think About:

Investors should carefully look at Tilak Ventures’ plans, the state of the market, and the company’s capacity to deal with problems. Things to keep an eye on are the steady drop in sales and the company’s new move into the power project business.

However, the share price targets point to a bright future, creating an investing chance that fits with a possible upward trend.

Before making a decision about Tilak Ventures shares, you should do a lot of study and think about the risks, just like you would with any other investment.

How to Understand Tilak Venture:

Tilak Venture has been slowly making its mark on the market, placing itself as a possible game-changer in the industry. Tilak Venture has built a strong base for growth with its cutting-edge goods, strong business strategies, and strong management team.

The company is in an area with good growth prospects, which makes it a good choice for investors looking for opportunities with high growth potential.

Performance and share price right now:

The share price for Tilak Venture is 5 Rs right now, which shows how much the company is worth in the market right now. At this price, the stock is a good entry point for investors who want to get into a possibly profitable investment from the ground up.

Even though past performance doesn’t mean future performance, Tilak Venture’s history shows that the company is on the right track.

In 2023, the goal is to have 11 Rs, which are:

The goal of 11 Rs by 2023 is one of the most appealing things about Tilak Venture. This goal is in line with the company’s big plans for growth and its promise to give owners good value.

If the business reaches this goal, it could mean that its strategies are working and that its products are becoming more popular. Even though it’s not a sure thing, meeting this goal is a good sign for the company’s future.

2025 Goal: 28 Rs – A Plan for Long-Term Growth:

Looking even further into the future, Tilak Venture has set an even more lofty goal of 28 Rs by 2025. This estimate shows that the company has a long-term view and is confident in its ability to keep growing its market share and revenue streams.

Getting this goal accomplished could make Tilak Venture an important player in the industry, which could give investors big returns.

Managing risk: stop loss at 3 Rs:

As with any business, it’s important to understand and deal with the risks. The fact that Tilak Venture set a stoploss at 3 Rs shows that the company is serious about protecting clients from possible market drops.

This risk management approach shows that Tilak Venture is committed to being open and looking out for the best interests of its shareholders.

About the stock forecast for Tilak Ventures Ltd.

The price of one share of Tilak Ventures Ltd. (ticker: 503663) is $4.230 as of November 26, 2023. Our data shows that the price of the object has been going down over the last year or since it was first created.

The fact that Tilak Ventures’ stock price has been going down over time says that similar market segments may not have been very popular at this time.

Our platform uses a special Deep Learning-based algorithm to help users figure out if 503663 could be a good addition to their portfolios.

These predictions take into account a lot of different factors, such as changes in volume, price, market cycles, and comparisons with stocks that are similar.

Based on our method for making predictions, the stock’s price will likely reach $17.430109845437 in one year, which is a 312.059% rise.

In real life, if you put $100 into an account now, it might be worth $412,059 on Tuesday, November 26, 2024. Based on this prediction, the stock could be a good addition to your portfolio.

This is especially true since selling is usually easier when the market is rising.

Targets for the price of Tilak ventures share price target 2025

YearPrice Target 1Price Target 2

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Tilak ventures share price target 2023

When it comes to the promoters’ assets, they basically have 62.07% of the company right now. The rest of the shares are open to the public. From the point of view of promoter assets, this is a pretty good number.

On the other hand, sales have been going down steadily. Tilak Ventures’ Return on Equity (ROE) and Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) are both negative right now because the company’s sales have been going down every year. This is one of the reasons why its share price has been going down.

The first goal for Tilak Ventures’ share price in 2023 could be around 5 rupees, and the second goal could be around 7 rupees. Even though it might go higher, the 5 and 7 rupee goals seem realistic given the current state of the company.

Tilak ventures share price target 2024?

Finance and Commodities Trading bring in most of the money for this business. Additionally, it is doing well in the Textile field, even though the money it makes from textiles is not as large.

If the company grows its Textile business, it might be able to make some good money. In the Textile field, the company has a lot of chances to grow, and it should take advantage of these chances.

We talked about Tilak Ventures’ Share Price Target for 2024. It might also grow well in 2024. The first goal for 2024 might be about 8 rupees, and the second might be about 10.50 rupees.

Tilak ventures share price target 2025?

If you were thinking about investing in this company but changed your mind after reading bad things about it, you should know that Tilak Ventures has moved into a different area. The business is now interested in the Power Project Business.

However, the business isn’t making any money from this area right now. If the company works on this along with its Textile business, it might be able to give owners a lot of money back. People may set two goals for the share price in 2025: the first goal is around 13 rupees, and the second goal is around 15 rupees.

Tilak ventures share price target 2030

If we look at the long term, up to 2030, we can see that Tilak Ventures’ Share Price could get a lot better this year. Its share price is pretty low right now, which could make it a good investment with a good return.

But if you want to make a lot of money by 2030, you might want to change your plans because the share price might not go up that much by then.

The first goal could be around 30 rupees, and the second could be around 35 rupees. This is Tilak Ventures’ Share Price Target for 2030.

Tilak Ventures Share Price Target 2025

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