Werewolf NFT

The WereWolf NFT Club has 500 (Phase 1) randomly created WereWolf NFTs that can move around on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Randomly chosen from a pool of over 500 qualities and traits, such as backgrounds, skins, clothes, mouths, heads, eyes, textures, and more, each WereWolf has unique features that make it a unique creation. These virtual wolves range in how rare they are.

Our collection is completely driven by the community, and holders who mint 10 NFTs will get free NFTs as a reward. We give away $150,000 in gifts, and half of the royalties go back to the community.

Play bingo, poker, pokebot, and fishing games every week. Check out our complete Tier System, which is shown in our roadmap.

If you own a WereWolf NFT, you get a one-of-a-kind digital item and special access to our VIP Discord group. Through our Discord server, you can find out about all the latest stories and events.

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Werewolf NFT – Guide

One amazing way that blockchain technology is being used is in Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs). Werewolf NFT is one example of an NFT. The concept of NFTs has been around for a while, but Beeple’s $69 million sale at Christie’s made them very famous very quickly.

Crypto-savvy buyers from all over the world were interested in that sale because it was a big deal. That being said, when NFTs became popular, we learned more about the value of these very different blockchain uses.

NFTs were already known about, but they really came to people’s attention in early 2021, especially after Beeple’s $69 million sale at Christie’s. It was a turning point that caught the attention of crypto-savvy buyers all over the world.

With NFTs taking the lead, it became clear what makes them special when it comes to blockchain uses.

As their name suggests, NFTs can’t be changed into other types of tokens. This means that there is no such thing as an equal NFT, and each one has its own unique properties.

The Werewolf Project is known for its decentralized exchange that uses Automated Market Mechanisms (AMMs). It also has a site just for Werewolf NFTs, which are divided into three groups: Alpha, Beta, and Omega.

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Overview Of The Werewolf NFT

Werewolf stands out by building a unique environment around a fresh Werewolf theme. This makes investing in DeFi a one-of-a-kind chance to make money.

With the launch of their own design NFTs, users can now directly buy a range of exciting “Werewolf NFTs” on the site.

The NFT tokens on the Werewolf exchange became very famous right away, and their popularity keeps growing. Let’s learn more about what makes Werewolf one of the best NFT projects on the market in this piece.

Werewolf NFTs are a unique type of non-fungible assets that use ERC-721 standard tokens that were built on Ethereum’s network.

These crypto assets that can’t be changed will be very important for platform entertainment because the Werewolf exchange wants to add fun game-like features to its already popular DeFi exchange.

The NFT tokens can be broken down into three groups:

There are three types of werewolf tokens: Alpha, Beta, and Omega. Each one represents a different trait of a dog. The general theme of the Werewolf ecosystem design is reflected in these themed items, which are based on mythical creatures.

The Werewolf exchange is built around the interesting theme of werewolves, and the NFTs on the site continue this theme.

You can buy these NFT tokens with the Werewolf exchange’s own coin, the WWC tokens, which came out in January of this year.

Which Three NFT Token Types Are Available On The Werewolf Decentralised Exchange?

The Werewolf platform has three different kinds of Werewolf NFTs that can be bought straight on the platform with WWC tokens or WOLF tokens. Here is a quick rundown of the three types of tokens that can be used on the Werewolf platform:

Alpha Non-Fungible Assets: On the Werewolf market, the Alpha class of NFT tokens is the most unique and dangerous. Werewolves that are Alpha have big, shiny red eyes and are known for being the meanest of their kind.

Alphas are bigger than Betas and Omegas when they are in dog form. Alphas can sometimes change into real dogs and take on different forms. Glowy red eyes show that the process is happening.

Power absorption, pain transference, mind-melding, telepathy, tolerance to cold and silver damage, and more are some of the advanced skills that alpha werewolves have.

Since Alphas are the strongest, they stand for areas on the platform. There are as many Alphas as there are territories on Earth. The original WWC tokens can be used to buy alpha NFTs.

Assets that can’t be changed: Beta NFTs are the second most powerful type of asset on the platform, after Alphas. Alphas are more wild and dangerous than Betas, even though Betas are strong and scary.

They are stronger than Omegas but not quite as strong as Alphas. They are the most popular type of werewolf and have golden eyes.

Beta werewolves, on the other hand, are born in different areas from Alphas. One Alpha is in charge of a group of Beta werewolves.

Betas have special abilities, like superhuman strength and endurance, the ability to make you angrier, and the ability to jump higher than humans. To get beta goods that can’t be traded, you can use WOLF tokens.

Omega Non-Fungible Assets: Omega NFTs are at the bottom of the Hierarchy on the Werewolf platform, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore them. Omegas are not part of the pack like Alphas and Betas are. Their eyes are steel-blue and glow.

They might have lived through the destruction of a pack or have chosen to be alone. Omega werewolves, which are humanoid carnivores that look like wolves and have long, sharp claws and fangs, are thrown out of werewolf groups because they are always looking for a pack to join.

Omegas aren’t as strong as Alphas or Betas, but they do have a lot of power. For example, they have an intuitive sense that can tell when higher-order werewolves like Alphas are close.

They haven’t been given a unique Alpha territory. On the site, Omega non-fungible assets can be bought.

Although Omegas aren’t as strong as Alphas and Betas, it’s important to remember that they are still dangerous monsters with a lot of power.

Steps To Purchase Werewolf NFT

The Werewolf exchange lets anyone buy some of the most hopeful and interesting NFT tokens on the market. These tokens are called “Werewolf NFTs.”

However, you need Werewolf (WWC) coins or WOLF coins (WOLF) to buy Werewolf NFTs. The Werewolf Defi community has two different types of tokens as well as three different types of non-fungible assets.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get the Werewolf coins (WWC) you need to buy Werewolf NFTs.

Step 1: Get Wolf Tokens (Werewolf Tokens).

To start using the Werewolf Defi exchange, you should first buy some of the local WOLF tokens. Go to the Werewolf exchange and link your Metamask wallet to the Werewolf Defi screen.

Before you go to the Werewolf exchange site, make a Metamask wallet if you don’t already have one. Werewolf Defi works on the Ethereum blockchain, so you need to deposit Ethereum coins to get WOLF tokens.

Once you’ve successfully used Metamask to add ETH to your Werewolf exchange wallet, click “BUY Wolf Token.” You’ll get a transaction confirmation message after the buy, and your WOLF tokens will be sent to the address in your wallet.

Step 2: Bet tokens on the Werewolf-only pools.

Full Moon pools are a yield farming protocol for staking that can be found on the Werewolf exchange site. All WOLF token users can join these private staking pools, which are held on a regular basis to match the lunar cycles and earn rewards.

To stake in the Moon Pools, go to the Werewolf exchange, choose “Stake,” enter the number of WOLF tokens you want to stake, and complete the deal. You can start placing WOLF tokens in the Moonpool of your choice once you’ve been confirmed.

Step 3: Get Werewolf Tokens (WWC).

You can join the native Werewolf moon pools after investing Ethereum to buy WOLF tokens through Metamask and the Werewolf exchange.

When you stake in the moon pools on the Werewolf app, you can see your WWC tokens in the same pool. The moon pool event usually ends around the full moon, and then you can cash out your WWC coins.

WWC tokens can be used for many things in the Werewolf environment, like buying NFTs, and they can be traded freely. Putting money into later moon pools early can also earn you more WWC coins.

Being able to get Werewolf NFTs is now easy since you have Werewolf Tokens (WWC). Go to the Werewolf platform, find the NFT menu, and pick Born/Start. Next, pick the NFT type (Alpha, Beta, or Omega Werewolf).

Once the type of NFT has been chosen, confirm the choice and lock it. In the next steps, you will pick an area or territory for your Werewolf NFT asset and give it a name. Once the approval and minting process is done, you will be the only owner of that Werewolf NFT.

Remember that you need Werewolf Tokens (WWC) to buy Alpha Werewolves. On the Werewolf platform, you can use WOLF tokens to buy Beta or Omega NFT assets.

The Werewolf NFT Raffle is a quick and easy way to raise money.

Werewolf just started a new program called NFT Raffle to give users who can’t afford to spend a chance to get high-value items like NFTs.

The Werewolf NFT Raffle program lets users join pools where they can collectively pay for expensive NFTs. This is because not everyone can afford to buy them all at once.

The pseudo-random method in a smart contract is used to pick the winners of the Werewolf NFT Raffle.

Other NFTs can also benefit from this raffle program because it lets them raise money by listing on the site.

Holders of NFTs can make their own NFT Raffle Pool on the website by giving important information about the NFT, like the Token Contract Address, Token ID, NFT value, Raffle ticket price, end date of the competition, and more.

According to a recent statement from the Werewolf team, the NFT is staked in the smart contract as soon as the raffle pool is made. This will continue until the creator sets the end time.

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